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ImageFixer  is a powerful WP Plugin that displays interactive buy buttons, opt-in forms and even videos on top of regular images when a user hovers with the mouse above. In our tests with ImageFixer , conversions nearly doubled by having this one element in place.

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Subject: [1-Click] Software Triples Revenue Through “Image Hacking”
Subject: [NEW APP] Your Marketing Photos Done Right! Meet Image Fixer


Hey there,

Adding images to your site is always an
annoying process:

First you have to find relevant ones online…
THEN you have to edit them…

And after all this effort – images never bring
in any extra revenue for your business.

Until NOW!

==> See this revolutionary new image tech in action

You see, today is the day Image Fixer launches.

Image Fixer is an innovative new WP Plugin that takes
care of all your headaches within SECONDS

It has a new breakthrough tech that allows you to
run any sort of marketing on TOP of your images,
from opt-in forms to buy buttons and even live videos


You’re finally monetizing your images and making
money from them…

In fact – early tests have shown Image Fixer-enabled sites
can bring in THREE times the usual revenue through
this special “Image Hacking”

==> See for yourself right here


-> it’s Autoresponder-integrated, meaning you can build your list on autopilot
-> it comes with high converting templates, meaning you can start making money from day ONE
-> it’s all drag-and-drop, meaning you can customize every aspect

On TOP of it all:
Image Fixer is designed by Internet Marketers for Internet Marketers.

With state of the art technology inside, Image Fixer
has been built from the ground up to make you
the most money possible from your existing assets,
and make it EASY for you to convert future visitors into
ecstatic buyers and loyal subscribers!

==> Get started now!


Early bird is live for the next 3 hours – and the price makes
it a complete no-brainer!

This is the ultimate all-in-one image software us marketers
have been waiting for!

See you on the inside,

Subject: [ALERT] PopUp Optin Forms Are DEAD, Try This instead…
Subject: [REVOLUTIONARY] Plugin Offers White-Hat “Image Hack”. You Profit

They said it couldn’t be done, but it’s now here.

Images that transform into:

[+] Optin forms
[+] Buy Buttons
[+] Videos
[+} …other sales elements

When you add this technology to your sales pages, blog posts, and
landing pages — your signs, commissions, and product sales are
sure to explode.

Image Fixer is a new WP Plugin that converts images into sales tools.

==> See this revolutionary new image tech in action


Remember when images were just, well, boring images?
A necessary evil to make your webpages look inviting.

It seemed that images weren’t really making you money, but you had
to have them and spend money to get good ones.

Your images no longer need to be static & boring.
Image Fixer makes your images dynamic.

It puts images to work for you by converting them into what you really
want readers to see on your site anyway…

[+] Optin forms
[+] Buy Buttons
[+] Videos
[+} …other sales elements

With Image Fixer, you can use images to finally sell more of your products,
bank more commissions, and increase email signups.

Inside of Image Fixer is a powerful way to transform your static images into Dynamic Money Makers.


You can integrate: Aweber, Getresponse, and Mailchimp.

Building your email list and sales will be 10x easier once you
start using Image Fixer.


If you don’t get this WP software today:

[+] Images on your site will continue being, well, boring images
[+] You won’t have a white-hat way to add popup optin forms to
landing pages
[+] The Early Bird price will expire and you’ll pay more

==> Get started now!


Early bird is live for the next 3 hours – and the price makes
it a complete no-brainer!

This is the ultimate all-in-one image software us marketers
have been waiting for!

See you on the inside,


Subject: [CRACKED] Facebook Loves Landing Pages That Use This “Image Trick”
Subject: [NEW PLUGIN] Software Magically Transforms Images Into Optin Forms

Facebook hates popup optin forms on landing pages —

…Google Adwords hates them too.

But, popup optin forms work so darn well to build
email lists.


What if you could easily add popup optin forms to your
landing pages, in a “unique” way that Facebook and Adwords
would accept?

Could you skyrocket your signups, bank more commission,
and sell more of your products?

Well, of course you could —

…when you use a new revolutionary software product called
Image Fixer

===> See the product in action here

Image Fixer magically converts images into optin forms when
website visitors hoover over the image.

It’s almost 100% guaranteed that someone reading your sales
page or blog blog is going to hoover over an image at
some point.

And, when they do, bam…


Facebook and Adwords can’t deny your landing pages when
you use Image Fixer to create optin forms that magically
appear inside of an image.


Because the optin form isn’t in the form of a popup box —

It’s in the form of an image that magically transforms
into an optin form.

I would say that images on your site that transform into
email optin forms are BETTER than annoying popup boxes.

==> See for yourself right here

Image Fixer does way more than create 100% white-hat compliant
stealthy optin forms.

Use this WP Plugin to transform images into:

[+] PayPal or JVZoo Buy Buttons
[+] Videos uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo
[+] Video with Buy Button combined

I personally love the last bullet point above.

They watch your sales video inside your image —
then buy your product inside your image.

How cool is that?


Image Fixer allows you to easily integrate 3 of the top

[+] Aweber
[+] Getresponse
[+] Mailchimp

Watch as your signups, commissions and product sales

==> Get started now!


Early bird is live for the next 3 hours – and the price makes
it a complete no-brainer!

This is the ultimate all-in-one image software us marketers
have been waiting for!

See you on the inside,

Subject: [INTRODUCING] “Image Hover” Technology That Increase Sales, Signups
Subject: [YOUR NEW LIFE] When Images Finally Make You Money

What if you could use an “Image Hack” that’s 100% white-hat
legal to force Facebook or Adwords to accept your popup optin
form on landing pages becuase, well —

…it’s not really a popup optin form?

As your reader scrolls down your landing page, blog post or sales
page, they hoover over one of your cool images, and poof —


==> See this revolutionary new image tech in action

This WP Plugin was designed by marketers for marketers.

Finally, you have a way to sneak in optin forms on your website,
without popping things up all over the darn place pissing people

Now, Image Fixer does more than just transform images to optin forms.

It also allows you to place:

[+] YouTube & Vimeo Videos inside of images (this is my personal favorite)
[+] PayPal & Jvzoo Buy Buttons inside of images

==> Get started now!


If you’re a bit of a design buff, you don’t have to use the ready-made
templates inside of Image Fixer.

This software allows you to design things your way.

Start with a blank template.
Add borders and colored or transparent backgrounds.


I could keep writing, but the Early Bird special price will expire

==> Watch the demo NOW

See you on the inside,

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